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On September 1, 2020, CBP will complete the full decommission of the legacy CSMS application, and the associated legacy webpage will be retired. Going forward, please continue to use the New CSMS Page, where users can find a real-time feed containing the last 100 messages and the New CSMS Archive, which includes messages from 2011 to present.

In preparation for decommissioning the legacy webpage, CBP has created a downloadable archive of all CSMS messages and attachments issued through the legacy CSMS system from January 1992 to June 2019, so that users may access messages that date prior to 2011. The legacy CSMS archive files will be available for download until September 1, 2020. If access to these files is needed after that time, users should contact their CBP Client Representative.


 CSMS Archive Data Master List(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2008(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2009(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2010-2011(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2012-2013(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2014(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2015(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2016(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2017(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2018(zip)
 CSMS Attachments 2019(zip)



Information on the Structure of the Legacy Archive Files
The legacy CSMS data (messages and attachments) are organized in eleven zip files.
The first zip file, titled "CSMS Archive Data Master List," contains a master spreadsheet that includes all legacy CSMS messages from January 1992 - June 2019 (excluding attachments). Those messages that were issued with an attachment are flagged with an indicator in the "Attach" column.
The ten remaining zip files, organized by years, include all corresponding message attachments, stored in individual folders. To view a message and a corresponding attachment(s) (where applicable), follow these steps:

Note: Before unzipping the CSMS files, users are encouraged to create a designated file folder in a convenient location (e.g. the Desktop folder) to facilitate CSMS file storage and access.

  1. Click on the "CSMS Archive Data Master List(zip)" file and save it to a designated folder. After saving, unzip the file.
  2. Open the item entitled "csm_data.html." Given the large file size, this step may take several minutes.
  3. To view all message data in a spreadsheet, drag/copy and paste the “csm_data.html” content into the spreadsheet.
  4. Review the message body content in the "BodyMsg" column.
  5. In the row of the identified message, find the column labeled "Attach." A "Yes" or "No" indicator is shown. If there is an attachment(s) associated with the message, the "Attach" column will show "Yes."
  6. To find the corresponding attachment(s), first note the message number, which is found in the "Seq_Msg_Num" column of the master spreadsheet.
  7. Next, download, unzip and open the "CSMS Attachments" zip file for the year in which the identified message was issued.
  8. Finally, locate the folder labeled with the identified message number.