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CSMS #17-000274
  Title: CBP Processing of DTCC Licenses for Carnet Importations
  Date: 5/12/2017 11:51:56 AM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts, Export, New ACE Programming, Partner Government Agencies, EDI
Carnets are processed using the paper carnet and are not yet automated.  As a result, the 
ability to collect information for Partner Government Agencies, including licenses, is limited to paper as well.  When processing carnets, CBP will allow the use of paper copies of the export licensing documents in lieu of electronic information.  As a matter of policy, CBP will not reject carnets for the purpose of collecting license information electronically.  Export procedures will still require AES filing with appropriate license documentation.

• At the time of arrival in the U.S. the paper carnets will be presented to CBP for review and notation as appropriate.
• If the merchandise being temporarily imported requires a DSP-61, Temporary Import License, and/or DSP-73 License for Temporary Export, the license holder is to present a copy of the license along with the carnet. 
• CBP personnel will review the carnet and license to determine correctness and perform any necessary examinations or reviews as per current policy.
• CBP personnel will appropriately annotate the correct importation counterfoil of the carnet and follow all current processing instructions for carnets.
• CBP personnel will annotate the license in the Automated Export System (AES) in the comments section. The comments should include the date, the processing port, carnet identifying number, and the licensed quantity, description and value being imported.  
• Exporters will have to file the Electronic Export Information in AES against the appropriate license and present the carnet for outbound processing.