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CSMS #18-000278
  Title: ACS Drawback Claims Requiring New Filing in ACE
  Date: 4/12/2018 10:41:48 AM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts, Export, New ACE Programming, Trade Policy Updates
Please be advised that filers that filed ABI drawback claims in ACS prior to the Deployment G, 
Release 4 cutover on 2/24/18, must submit a new drawback claim in ACE with a new claim number if:

• The required documentation to complete the claim was not provided to the Drawback Office until after 2/24/18, or
• The drawback claim was successfully accepted in ACS, but shows cancelled in ACE.

When filing a new claim, if any of the underlying imports designated on a complete ACS drawback claim will exceed the statutory timeframe for filing a drawback claim, filer must remove these imports from the drawback claim to get the claim accepted into the system.  After the claim is accepted, please contact the Drawback Office to backdate the claim date and put the claim into trade control status.  Once the claim is back in trade control, the filer may add the underlying imports that previously exceeded the timeframe limitations back onto the drawback claim and resubmit.  Filer must ensure that the transmission date in the A-Record is the backdated date to preserve the original claim filing date. 

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