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CSMS #18-000646
  Title: Receipt of Manually Processed GSP Lapse-Period Refunds for Claims made at Entry Summary
  Date: 10/31/2018 10:59:16 AM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts, New ACE Programming, Trade Policy Updates
  Related: 18-000505, 18-000296, 17-000789

CBP has processed in excess of 400k GSP lapse-period lines and is now manually processing the 
remaining 22k lines submitted with the special program indicator (SPI) “A” at entry summary. CBP anticipates processing by the Centers to take several months.

Although CBP anticipates that the vast majority of these 22,000 GSP lapse-period lines that are being manually processed will be refunded, importers that ultimately do not receive refunds are reminded that they will be able to exercise their protest rights once the entry has reached liquidation (typically one year) and for a period of 180 days, as provided for in 19 USC 1514.

Importers and brokers that believe a refund remains due are encouraged to query the Automated Commercial Environment (ACE) to ensure that the importation was made during the lapse period and that GSP was claimed with the SPI “A”. Importers and brokers should not contact CBP for GSP refund status updates. For importations filed without the SPI “A” at entry summary, the post-importation GSP claim period expired on September 19, 2018, and no recourse remains available.

The trade is advised that neither refunds of less than $20 (19 CFR 159.6), nor for importations with the country of origin of Argentina will be issued. Lines subject to AD/CVD will be issued only upon receipt of the liquidation order from the Department of Commerce.

For additional information see:

  •  CSMS 18-000505 of August 30, 2018, at

  •  CSMS 18-000296 of April 20, 2018, at

  •  Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 (H.R. 1625, Title V / Public Law 115-141),

  •  CBP’s GSP page at

Questions with respect to entry summary and refund processing, PSC, protest, formal or informal entries, should be directed to Commercial Operations, Revenue and Entry Division (CORE) at

Questions with respect to GSP eligibility, and other questions with respect to this correspondence, should be directed to the Trade Agreements Branch at