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CSMS #19-000005
  Title: Attention for Trade Community utilizing MQ Server connections
  Date: 1/6/2019 11:35:22 AM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, Air Manifest, Ocean Manifest, Partner Government Agencies, Rail Manifest, Truck Manifest
CBP performed a MQ maintenance that could've inadvertently impacted some trade partners, 
specifically those who run MQ Server.

MQ channel reconfiguration changes have been implemented on the Trade Gateway "known as CBP_QGP2" which could cause the Trade MQ Sender Channel to become out of sync. 

Please examine your QMgr AMQERR log files for messages related to the MQ Sender channel.

If there are errors, please issue the following runmqsc  commands (substituting your channel name as appropriate). 

Stop    chl(????.CBP_QGP2) mode(force) status(stopped)
Resolve chl(????.CBP_QGP2) action(backout) 
Reset   chl(????.CBP_QGP2) seqnum(1)
Start   chl(????.CBP_QGP2) 

Please reach out to the CBP EOC at 703-921-6068.