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CSMS #19-000146
  Title: Common Create/Update Importer Identity Form (CBP Form 5106) ACE Error Message Solutions
  Date: 3/21/2019 3:36:53 PM
  To: Automated Broker Interface, ACE Portal Accounts, New ACE Programming
CBP is providing a list of solutions for the most common errors that are being experienced with 
inputting the Create/Update Importer Identity Form (CBP Form 5106).  

Error Message PDM – Data Element PATTERN UNKNOWN

Solution: Many create/update importer record requests are being submitted with phone numbers that include dashes in the TD record.  Phone numbers should be provided in the TD record as either an unseparated group of numbers, example 1234567899, or with spaces, example 123 456 7899.  

Another input mistake that can cause the PDM error is not providing names in the TL record (Certification) with commas, per the Create/Update Importer Identity Form CATAIR’s instructions.  For example, “John Weer Doe” needs to be provided in the TL record as “Doe, John, W”. The CATAIR can be accessed on by going to:

Error Message MVM – Data Element MISSING

Solution: Many of the CBP Form 5106s being uploaded to CBP are missing a title in the TL record for the individual certifying the form.  This data element is the “Printed or Typed Full Name” block in section 4 of the new CBP Form 5106. Both a name and title are mandatory data elements on the revised CBP Form 5106.


Solution: This error is being caused by Importer of Record (IOR) creation being requested for IORs that already exist.  Entities or their representatives should ensure that they are selecting the correct type of action, “Notification of identification number” (create), “Change of Name” (update), and “Change of Address” (update), when submitting a Create/Update Importer Identity request.  

Please note, information on existing IOR numbers can potentially be obtained from the mailbox by an IOR’s owner or individuals representing the IOR with an active Power of Attorney.

Error Message X39  –  DATA FOUND IN FILLER

Solution: Refer to “ACE Draft CATAIR: Importer/Consignee Create/Update” on and ensure that the data being input in the new ACE CBP Form 5106 Automated Broker Interface/EDI is not being accidentally entered into a portion of a record that can only be occupied by “space fill”. For example, if the Alternate Importer Name provided in the TA record exceeds 32 characters, the additional characters will overflow into the filler record which will cause an X39 error.  Records that have a filler component that can only contain “space fill”, as outlined by the “ACE Draft CATAIR: Importer/Consignee Create/Update”, are TA, T3, TB, TC, TD, TE, TF, TG, TH, TI, TJ, TK, TL, TM, TN.  The CATAIR can be accessed on by going to: 

An error message dictionary for the Create/Update Importer Identity Form (CBP Form 5106) functionality can be found on at: 

Questions or concerns about CBP Form 5106 ACE error messages should be sent to