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CSMS #19-000156
  Title: Upcoming Section 321 Deployment for ACE Truck Manifest March 30th
  Date: 3/22/2019 4:12:03 PM
  To: Truck Manifest
  See attachments
On March 30th, ACE will deploy to the truck manifest application a series of enhancements to 
improve performance and response time.  These changes are in support of the Office of Field Operations’ policy change mandating that all cargo previously exempt from electronic manifest filing for low value (Section 321) now must be manifested.  The policy change went into effect on January 1, 2019 but was extended to April 1, 2019 for those trucks carrying more than 5,000 shipments due to performance limitations in ACE.  

Following the deployment on Saturday evening, March 30th, the performance issues will be resolved and all trucks, including those with more than 5000 shipments, must be manifested.   

There are no EDI implementation guide changes.  The current cargo manifest implementation guide states the maximum number of shipments is 9999.  This remains true per EDI message; however, the 9999 shipments can be submitted multiple times against a single manifest using the attached instructions.
  Attachment(s): More_than_9999_shipments_for_a_Truck_Mfst.docx